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What We Do....

Reading Tutoring (All Ages) – Tutoring services include focus on comprehension, fluency, pronunciation skills, foundational skills, and vocabulary. 

Writing Workshops-  Adult workshops are held for individuals or groups who are eager to develop their writing skills in hopes of becoming professional writers. Attendees learn strategies and techniques to support their goals of becoming published authors, poets or writers of other creative pieces.

Coaching/Consulting- This service is offered to charter schools and districts. We work directly with schools’ literacy teachers or coaches to teach them strategies that could develop their students’ reading and writing skills. Coaching services include professional development sessions, real time instructional coaching (i.e.-co-teaching, observations and feedback, modeling, debrief sessions), and data analysis.

Editing Services- Editing services are available for dissertations, articles, books or theses. Services include formatting, grammar and spelling corrections. In document tracked critical commentary relevant to clarity, readability and structure revisions is provided. Document content recommendations are also available upon request.    


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