"Massa has been a wonderful mentor and coach to me in my journey as an aspiring educator. As my Instructional Coach when I taught 8th grade Literature for a summer, Massa provided strong support both in terms of curriculum and pedagogy, consistently giving me constructive feedback on my lesson plans and teaching style. She always helped me translate the feedback into action steps that I could then incorporate into my teaching. Whenever I approached her with a problem I was facing in the classroom, Massa was ready to brainstorm and develop effective strategies together. Massa was always positive and encouraging, helping me grow confidence in the classroom. After our summer together, Massa has continued to be an invaluable resource. The next year, I ran into a roadblock when designing the final project for a summer program I was teaching; Massa and I talked it through and I was able to complete the design. My students ended up loving the final project and learned a lot from it. Massa has helped me grow tremendously as an educator and I am very thankful to have her as a mentor."

-Sonya C. (Swarthmore College Student)



  • Literacy Blossom will provide quality service, ongoing feedback and impactful training to our clients.

  • Literacy Blossom will stay abreast of literacy related trends and innovative teaching strategies that would meet the needs of diverse groups of learners/clients.

  • Literacy Blossom will be staffed with trained employees who have the passion of changing the plight of literacy both nationally and internationally.

  • Literacy Blossom will help our adult clients gain confidence in their creative writing skills and support their journeys in the expression of literacy related outlets.

Success Stories

 Literacy Blossom Educational Firm, LLC has serviced New Castle County, Delaware and Philadelphia/Delaware counties of Pennsylvania since 2016. We strive to provide innovative teaching strategies to assist in the increase of literacy rates. Literacy Blossom works to enhance reading skills in clients, train teachers on methods that could be used to help students meet their ultimate reading potentials and develop the writing skills of eager adults. 

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